About Tony Cardamone

As founding director of Cardamone Design, Tony Cardamone brings enthusiasm, verve and the love of strong colour and pattern to his work. His individual approach to design has resulted in a significant portfolio of much publicised projects in the residential, retail and commercial sectors.

When setting out to design a space, he asks not what the client wants it to look like, but how they want to make them feel. He is intrigued with how people interact with interior spaces and he carefully balances considered spatial planning with a sprinkling of whimsy and craft.

Recognising the importance of mentors in his own professional development, Tony was an instigator of the mentor scheme which forms such a strong part of RMIT's Design Diploma. The scheme matches students with established designers to give the students much needed practical experience and contacts to help them in their future employment. The scheme has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Every year Tony mentors students from RMIT. Watch the video below for a comprehensive overview of his contributions to the RMIT syllabus.

Tony has also donated his personal historical collection of fabric and wallpaper design books to the Bendigo Kangan Institute's Design School. There are over 6,000 books in the collection and it will be launched to the design industry in late 2015. It is anticipated that the collection will become an invaluble resource tool not just to design academics and students but also to historians, curators, costumiers and theatre and film designers.

As a highly regarded representative of the Australian design community, Tony is often called upon for judging engagements and industry leadership roles. His work is documented in design and lifestyle journals, newspapers and television programs.

Tony has a strong interest in contemporary Australian art, ceramics, opera, classical music, food and wine, and travel is one of his main sources of inspiration. He is an unstoppable collector of “beautiful things” with a love not only of an object but the story it tells. Tony's spare time is spent engaged in the arts; with his friends; and experimenting in his house and graden to refine and explore design.

Tony Cardamone started Cardamone Design in Melbourne in 1975. He is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). Tony has been a member of the councils of both the DIA and the Society of Interior Designers of Australia (SIDA).

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