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Degas Exhibition Opening Night

Degas Exhibition Opening Night

I was lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous evening at the NGV Foundation Annual Dinner and preview of the Degas Exhibition. Everyone was dressed up in their finery and looking glamorous.

The Degas exhibition exceeded all expectations and is a “must see”.

When you get along to see it, take note of the colour of the walls – all decked out in the colours of the year and enhance the art works beautifully.


“Down Memory Lane with Fabrics”

Since starting Cardamone Design over 30 years ago, Tony has collected thousands of fabric and wallpaper sample books and hangers.  He has recently donated them to the Kangan Institute for the benefit of students, teachers and the community. The Fabric and Wallpaper Collection will be a fabulous historic resource for future generations to come.

The recent launch of the Collection for Industry Members was a fabulous success. Lots of DIA Members and Industry Members enjoyed the delicious morning tea and were amazed to see the enormity of the collection which took many of them back to their “good old days”. We are all looking forward to having it open to everyone soon.

Don’t worry Tony still has a substantial stock of current fabrics and wallpapers in his Showroom and he looks forward to helping out his clients for many years to come.


Interior Design Industry professionals amazed by the Cardamone Collection / Kangan Institute Library


A peek at the thousands of fabrics donated by Cardamone Design to the Kangan Institute

Miami revisited

Whilst Tony is still in Venice, last night I attended the launch at Radfords of the UK’s Cole & Son’s gorgeous new wallpaper range Geometric II. My favourite was the completely over-the-top Miami which was described as “Escher on holidays”. Jess Burnett, Marketing Manager at Cole & Son took us through the design process behind each of the papers and showed us the original drawings and sketches done on holidays in Miami which were later developed up into the designs that were really breath-taking.

Jess also showed us some of the bespoke wallpapers that Cole & Son produce for heritage buildings and clients with deep pockets! These are often produced using some of the library of 3000 antique wooden blocks that Cole & Son store in their cellar under their studio (no ordinary cellar I hasten to add as it is very carefully climate and pest controlled0. One of their current projects is for the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) which is re-papering one room last done 70 years ago so the product recoups its initial investment well and truly. This particular paper needs 12 colours so the paper is hand-blocked 12 times – it takes about 3 months to produce 10m of wallpaper. Jess says it is so precious that she isn’t allowed any for marketing purposes unless it is a reject roll which doesn’t meet their incredibly high standards.

The original blocks date back to 1839 and were used by the architect Augustus Pugin. Jess also told us about a client who found a fragment of wallpaper behind a wardrobe in an old house which she had just purchased. Hoping to return the house to its former glory she contacted Cole & Son who uncovered the original order from 50 years ago for the wallpaper. So they were able to go to their archive and source the design. It was a design that used a background stripe made with a badger bristle brush. And, miracle of miracles, they still had the original badger brush. The only problem was that they no longer had any craftsmen who knew how to use the brush so they amalgamated modern and heritage printing techniques to produce just the paper the client ordered.

You can find out more about Cole & Son here.

Open Studio November 7th – 8th

On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of November 2015 Cardamone Design is having an Open Studio to which you are invited (10am to 4pm both days). This is an opportunity to have a look at how a design studio works and to browse our library of fabrics and wallpapers. You can also take the opportunity to chat to Tony about your design ideas or the problems around the house that seem insoluble. If you’ve been meaning to rejuvenate those tired old cushions or to give your home a new lease of life for summer this is the perfect opportunity to start the ball rolling. We all know that our families grow and shrink over time and our spaces need to be re-imagined and re-purposed. An interior designer is the best place to start discussing ideas. Tony Cardamone is a master of colour, pattern and clever solutions to all interior design problems. Tony also relishes doing temporary spaces like pop-up shops and marquees for special events. And we also do starter kits to your budget for setting up first homes or apartments where we provide the agreed essentials so that you don’t have to do all the running around.

We also have an abundance of great Christmas and wedding gifts on sale. We specialise in splendid Whitehill silver (picture frames, cheese knives etc) and Portmeirion crockery which can be anything and everything from a cup and saucer to a full set of crockery for the student leaving home for the first time. There are also lamps and a mountain of glorious cushions in every imaginable colour – instant gratification!

The studio is an Aladdin’s cave of jewel-like fabric and, remember, the coffee-pot is always hot. Do call in and have a poke around. We do love showing off the studio, garden and house.

Barcelona treasures

Look at this glorious ceramic sculpture by Miró and Artigas in Barcelona. I love the juxtaposition of this very modern piece of sculpture against the classical pillars of the very traditional space in which it is housed. The Europeans successfully mix different eras with great abandon and style.

Miró is well known. Artigas less so. Joseph Llorens Artigas was born in 1892 in Barcelona and he became a potter and ceramicist. Following a friendship in Paris and Barcelona Artigas and Miró began their long collaboration on ceramic vases toward the end of WWII.  According to the Guggenheim Museum, “In 1953 they renewed their partnership in Artigas’s small isolated studio approximately 20 miles outside Barcelona in the mountainous village of Gallifa. In recognition of this integrated and collective effort between potter and painter, their ceramic works were signed by both artists. Artigas’s firing techniques reproduced the slow firing process and wood-burning kilns of the ancient Greeks. According to Artigas, the fire, smoke, and earthen clay preserved the elemental integrity of the ceramics, which Miró named terres de grand feu (firestones) for their joint 1956 exhibition at the Pierre Matisse Gallery in New York. In 1957 Artigas and Miró accepted their first ceramic mural commission for the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, which won them the Guggenheim International Award the following year. Artigas continued to work with Miró through the 1970s until his health required his son Joan Gardy Artigas to take over the studio. Artigas died on December 11, 1980, in Barcelona.”

Stefan Cassomenos christens new piano

The fabulous pianist Stefan Cassomenos christened my new piano, with great style, on Saturday afternoon with a home concert of dazzling virtuosity. Stefan is one of the founding members of Plexus, a Melbourne ensemble which has commissioned new works from well over 70 composers. They are well worth following.

Many thanks to my friend Paul Drakeford for the above photo. Paul has been documenting my tribe for many decades now.